The Dangers of a Shifting Healthcare System

During our class parlors, the area of conversation that has sparked my attention is the subject of communication in the workplace. In the “Work” chapter, Turkle stated that the younger generation has become dependent on emailing and video chatting rather than face-to-face meetings. Additionally, the parlor discussion regarding multitasking was very interesting to me. Multiple people stated that they love to multitask and that they believe it increases their productivity. I am an individual who must keep my focus on one thing in order to do it well, so hearing differing opinions furthered my curiosity. The quote, “She is no longer surprised that her young consultants want to multitask during meetings,” was shocking to me. I asked myself, how can you gain information in the meeting if you are focused on checking social media or emails? In my opinion, multitasking cannot increase speed, efficiency, or quality. Therefore, reading about current business firms having this issue is surprising.

The main reason this topic sparks my interest is due to my future career aspirations. I am currently studying Pre-Public Health with a minor in Biology. My ultimate goal is to receive an MPH/PA (Master of Public Health and Physician Assistant) when I graduate. Physician assistants rely on communication with general practitioners, nurses, and surgeons in order to best diagnose patients. Reading about how technological communication has become so heavy in the workplace has made me curious about how communication has shifted in the healthcare field. How will online communication change the way healthcare professionals work in the future? How will privacy policies change to adhere to these social standards? These are two questions that I am eager to research and learn more about.

I am currently enrolled in two core public health courses this semester. In my health ethics class, we discuss the implications of having HIPAA policies violated due to doctors communicating about patients through online means or having medical information released inappropriately. This leads me to think about another one of our parlor discussions regarding privacy. As our technological universe expands, will patient rights be at stake?

My interest regarding technology and the healthcare field is multifaceted and I am eager to learn more about the questions I have formed as a result of the parlor discussions in class.


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