The Limitless Boundaries of Inquiry

After browsing through the examples of inquiry projects I learned two important things. Firstly, an inquiry project does not solely have to be words, images are a powerful way to have questions answered. Secondly, topics for inquiry projects can be very small or very broad; there are no set limits on topics that are of interest to the individual. Some of the questions I think may have been guiding questions for these topics are: How do people from around the world have similar characteristics despite their widespread geographic location? What factors affect when sharks emerge from the water? Why is there an increase in schools closing in Chicago? What led to the political evolution in Central America?

These projects definitely represent what I think of as an inquiry. Before entering this class, I considered an “inquiry project” to simply just be a research paper. However, I have come to learn that it is a more creative and limitless project where multiple “thesis” statements can be made rather than sticking to one viewpoint or argument. I believe that all of these projects have a multidimensional view which not only answers the original inquiry but also raises more questions.

Personally, I would consider interpersonal communication as inquiry. I believe that at times, there is no better way to have questions answered other than going to an individual who could be able to answer the question and having a conversation with them. I believe that the concept of news articles with interviews are a great example of inquiry.


I believe that this is an inquiry because it is taking a common activity in society (meditation), and uncovering the reasons why it is beneficial for the brain and body. There was direct quotes from doctors regarding the subject and that brings me back to my previous point regarding interpersonal communication. I think that the guiding question of the project is: what factors in the brain and body are affected through meditation?


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