Library Exploration

One thing I found extremely helpful was the video on using the library’s search system. For previous courses, I have had to use this tool however I was never fully aware on how to filter the searches and tailor them to my specific needs. Additionally, learning how to use the interlibrary loan system will be very helpful to me throughout my inquiry process. I found two sources that will be helpful towards my inquiry and they are journal articles about telemedicine in international health.

After I visited Atkins, I was surprised that it is much bigger than I thought. Although this is only my second semester here in UNC Charlotte, every time I visited the library it was crowded and I could not focus. Because of this preconceived notion I have avoided the library as much as possible during my time here. However, after visiting the 10th floor I saw many students sitting on couches by the windows quietly studying. Additionally, I explored the entire ground floor and found study carrels which can be reserved online. I went on one of the computers in Atkins and I reserved a table for myself to sit and do homework for a while and I was extremely pleased. Moreover, it was very convenient to have the cafe on the ground floor because when I needed a break I could easily go purchase a beverage and a snack. Overall, after this visit my perspective on the library has changed and I will utilize it more throughout the semester.

There were many students in the library and it was interesting to see that they were all doing different things. For example, I saw more groups rather than individual people studying. Additionally, I saw people playing games on their computers, watching Netflix with headphones in, eating lunch, and sitting and chatting with peers. I found this interesting because in my high school there were extremely strict rules on eating, talking, and electronics in the library. It was very different to me to see such a multifaceted facility and have it be called the library.

Although I did not sit down there, my favorite place in the library was the 10th floor. This was the first time I had ever visited it and it was very small but quiet. In a way it felt like the top of a tree house or observatory because of all of the windows and sunlight. All the chairs were filled, but I did take a moment to take in the peacefulness of the environment.

I will definitely use the library for studying in the future. I learned that private and group study rooms can be booked and I feel as though this would be a nice change of pace from studying in my room all the time.


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