Argument as Conversation

One aspect of my own experience that I can recognize from the article relates to the section on “Entering the Conversation.” In this section there is a subsection called “Identify an issue.” This part of the article is discussing the fact that while conducting research on a specific topic there is a tension between differing points of view. As someone who attended a science and math school, I was always forced to choose a side for every topic I have researched. That was the only way that the scientific method or mathematical reasoning could be applied to a certain subject. This is the reason why this section of the article is so familiar to me. However, no matter how much we argued one side of a topic we never believed that the opposing side was wrong. This is what Greene states in this section: “Notice that in defining different parts of an issue, the conflicting claims may not necessarily invalidate each other.”

Greene states that reading as an inquiry is understanding framing strategies that writers use and framing concepts in order to shed light on our own ideas or ideas of others. I believe this distinguishes from a search of information in that inquiry searches are not looking for an answer. Instead, they are looking for more and more information to build on. Greene’s definition of reading as an inquiry is exactly what we are doing for our inquiry projects; we are taking our own ideas and expanding on them through the ideas from various other sources, and in the process we are asking ourselves more questions.

With the term “framing,” Greene is discussing the fact that in writing there is often organizational steps that are followed. Firstly, naming your position; Second, offering definitions and descriptions of the principles; Third, specifying the argument and enabling others to understand; Fourth, organizing thoughts in the appropriate format. I have seen this in various writing pieces, but more specifically in research papers. Currently in the news, I can definitely see framing happening. With the controversial election that has just taken place, news networks are taking specific stances and arguments on the administration that is taking place. I believe Greene’s concept of framing mimics the current news.

This article shapes the way I would like to conduct my research. Again, as an individual very familiar with the tight reins of the word “research,” I would like to venture outside of my comfort zone with this inquiry process.


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