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Hyperlink the title of the source

“A Busy Doctor’s Right Hand, Ever Ready to Type”

Under the hyperlink, take notes on anything of interest from the source (quotes, new ideas you have, new questions).  Also, include a list of important key words or phrases.

This article is describing the new concept of “scribes” in the medical field. Scribes are people who follow doctors, surgeons, or general practitioners around with tablets and keep a digital tab of what the patient is describing to the doctor or vice versa. This is more convenient for doctors since they do not have to spend so much time looking at their notepad and paper instead of looking at the patient. One thing I found from this article that was interesting to me was the fact that scribes only need 15-21 days of training. Although it is just simply writing things down, I would think it should be necessary to have some kind of training in at least medical terminology.   

Five years ago, only 10% of hospitals in the United States had scribes, and now over 70% of hospitals have adopted this technique.

However, there were also patients that were uncomfortable with having scribes following the doctor around and listening to and recording their personal medical information. This is understandable because an individual may feel pressure with more people than just the doctor in the room, especially because medical conditions can be very personal.

Key words and phrases:

  • Scribe: someone who follows a physician around with a digital keeping record.
  • “Having the scribe has been life changing.” – Dr. Jennifer Sewing
  • “With a scribe, I can think medically instead of clerically.”
  • “The patients get undivided attention from the physicians.”
  •   Electronic patient charts
  •   Medical transcriptionists: a profession that deals with converting voice-reported reports into text format.

At the end of your notes for the source, include a summary of exactly 25 words.

Scribes are beneficial to doctors because they can pay more attention to the patient rather than looking at notepads and taking notes the entire time.


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