In Class Reflection: Mind Mapping

What are some search terms that might help you find what you need?

I think by looking at the keyword “feasibility,” I could find less information on wha telemedicine is and more about how its helping. A bulk of my information is regarding specific examples of how telemedicine is implemented. However, as my topic revolves around how telemedicine is shaping the healthcare field, I need to look into the actual effectiveness and satisfaction rates that come of it.

What does this map help me understand about my topic?

This map definitely showed me which aspects of my topic I should not go forward with. A part of my research I was going to focus on was how the healthcare field is affected by this revolution of technology. However, I did not find much information on it and the information I did find did not relate to my bigger topic or contribute to it as a whole. Therefore, the mind map helped me decide which things to discard from my research process and helped me pin point certain areas more.

What is my favorite aspect of my topic, how will I go forward:

My favorite aspect of my topic is the discussion of making doctor’s jobs easier. I enjoy researching the controversy surrounding it. For example, medical scribes are very common now, and they are individuals who follow physicians around with tablets writing down everything they say. Most argue that this helps doctors look at their patients and be more sincere instead of staring at a chart the whole time, but some argue that if they are not writing it out they may not retain the information on their patients enough. Going forward, I would like to find out more information on how telemedicine and technology is making the lives of doctor’s easier, and if this is ethical.

What areas of my topic need more sources.

The area of my topic that needs more sources is how patients themselves can use technology to improve their own healthcare experience.



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