Glossary of Key Terms

Glossary of key terms:

Clinical medicine: The study and practice of medicine based on the examination of patients

Telemedicine: The diagnosis and treatment of patients in a remote area

Smartphone: A mobile phone that has internet access, photo and video accessibility, and a touch screen

Scribe: An individual that shadows a physician and records patient information, treatment plans, as well as any other important information necessary

Feasibility: How well and easily something is done

Triage: Prioritize patients based on the assessment of their conditions

Underserved population: A population that does not have the means to access the same quality of medical treatment as the general population

Virtual examination: The examination of a patient performed through technological means

Health disparity: Social, biological, or geographically based differences in the availability or accessibility of medical care

Pocket-doctoring: Doctor’s having the ability to treat patients “from their pocket” or from their mobile devices

Cybersecurity: Protection against important documentation or electronic data

Communication therapy: Interaction that helps a patient physically and emotionally

Vital signs: Clinical measurements of normal bodily functions that can tell physicians the state of health an individual is in