Research: Extracting Main Ideas

Extracting Main Ideas: February 27, 2017

Because my topic deals with medicine, healthcare, and telemedicine, many of the sources I found were scientific research papers. Most of these research pieces ranged from 10-30 pages. I was unsure how to know if a source was useful to me without reading various pages that contained a lot of unnecessary information. I visited the library on my own time and spoke to a graduate student who is currently conducting research studies on campus. He offered me a few tips on ways that I could find certain pieces of research within long peer-reviewed articles that would be helpful to me. Firstly, he told me to identify the major question being asked by the research. He then said to focus on the approach the author took in order to answer the question and to understand the methods that were used in the experiment. Lastly, once this information has been read, it is sufficient to simply look at the results and conclusion of the study and put the pieces together. This advice was essential to my inquiry process and allowed me to gather main ideas that I could add to my Reader’s Guide.