Medicine is a component of our society that is crucial to ensure the health of our population. Like all other professions, technology is changing the way medicine functions on a day to day basis. From classic x-ray machines to newfound technologies such as skin patches that transmit medicine, the field is certainly evolving. However, as consumers, we must ask ourselves, how dependent can we become on these technologies in the health field?

More importantly we must ask, how dependent should we become?

As the editor, the perspective I take on this question of dependence is simple. Convenience is not always the answer, especially when it comes to something as important as the health of human beings.

This website is a Reader’s Guide that explores the way technology is driving our healthcare system from both ends of the spectrum: the doctors and the patients. It is important to know that not only is patient care changing, but the way doctors are performing their jobs are also changing. Readers will encounter a look into what our healthcare system currently looks like and how it may look in the future. This guide also serves to lead the reader to consider whether or not it is smart for us to begin foregoing doctors visits and relying on the health results we receive from our mobile devices to tell us whether we are healthy or not.

The reader is encouraged to read the About the Editor section as well as the glossary of key terms first. Then, the reader should move to the Editor’s Introduction followed by the Source List. The Editor’s Introduction is a paradigm of my thoughts on this inquiry subject. The Source List is a list of the sources with summaries that go into detail about the various subjects discussed in the Editor’s Introduction.